Tronfy® iWork Mini4.0 Bluetooth Earbud Review

When I was approached to write a review for Tronfy iWork Mini 4.0 Bluetooth earbud. I took one look at this small, little earpiece and JUMPED at the chance!! It’s LITTLE!! It’s SO POWERFUL!! It’s so SMART!!!

I have to start with photographs because just telling you that this is a mini ear bud doesn’t do it justice! It’s the size of a quarter!

The Newest Version 3.0 – No Flash Tronfy® “iWork” Mini4.0 Minimal Sheltered Wireless Bluetooth is not just small, but it’s comfortable to wear too. Now all that doesn’t mean anything unless you have great sound quality. I’m here to tell you that I have EXCELLENT sound quality. Of course, having a compatible device is also really important. I’ve been able to pair my iWork to my Samsung Galaxy S4, my daughters iPhone, my iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2. The package says that it will also work with iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5, 5S, 5C, iPod, MacBook Air, Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, Note, HTC One(M8), pretty much most Bluetooth enabled devices whether you have an Apple, android smart phone, laptop or tablet and even PSP’s!! That’s a huge list!

One of the features that the Bluetooth earbud has that I really like, is the No Flash. Which means that this little earbud doesn’t have an annoying flashing light once you’ve paired your device. No one can even tell I’m wearing my earbud and the flashing light doesn’t give it away either!! Pairing? Whew… this one couldn’t be easier if it tried!! Press the center of the earbud till the light flashes red/blue within a second Mini 4.0 popped up and I was connected! I love listening to music with this little guy. I get almost 4 hours of play time! Talk time is supposed to get 4 hours of continuous talk time, THAT I haven’t tested. I am not sure I could actually talk to someone for 4 straight hours!?

Comfort, I truly forget that I have this earbud in my ear it’s so comfortable. In part because of the additional rubber fittings that goes into your ear.  You can choose the fit that is right for you.  Included are 4 Pairs of Oval shape (S/M/L/XL) and 3 Pairs of Dual shape (S/M/L) 7 sizes for a custom fit, this gives you the most comfortable wearing experience.

For such a tiny little guy you have a lot of options. For instance you can add a second earbud and change Mono to Dual channel, listen to music through both ears if you need; easily control between voice calls and music. Again, super easy. Connecting two devices at the same time.  Answer phone calls by simply saying “Yes” to answer and “No” to reject calls. How cool is THAT?!?!  You can even talk to Siri!!

The iWork Mini 4.0 arrives in a small brown box; a box that’s heavy-duty enough to keep my cable and extra ear pieces in and together!! The charging cable is very short, about 5 inches long. Not a big deal since I usually charge from my laptop. The Mini 4.0 charges fully in less than an hour. There are also 3 clear behind the ear pieces in case you’ll be doing more s strenuous activities and want to be sure they Mini stays put. I’ve tried without the behind the ear piece and with. Both ways equally as comfortable.

Chipset: CSR
Bluetooth Version: V4.0+EDR
Bluetooth Profile: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP
Stream multimedia: Music, Audio, Video, Podcasts, GPS
Talking time: about 4 hr
Music time: about 3.5 hr
Standby time: up to 130 hr
Charger time: about 1.5 hr
Working Distance Range: 10m
IOS Battery Displays: Yes
Siri: Yes
Charger Port: Micro USB


No way! Not a single one! This device is amazing!! Again, sounding like a broken record here but it’s so small and comfortable to wear! I’m impressed!!


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