The Ultimate Tanning Applicator Mitt By Thermalabs Review

I heard a rumor that summer is right around the corner. Eventually it has to be summer right? With summer comes the quest for that sun-kissed look; hopefully you’re tanning the safest way and that’s with self tanners. I use to be a huge sun worshiper; laying out in the sun slathered in baby oil. Now that I’m older (maybe a little wiser) I’ve learned sunning is not healthy! Skin cancer is not something to mess with. Neither are the wrinkles and age spots that also come with sun damage. So, self tanners here I come. My main complaint about the sunless tanners is the stained hands. Even if I wash them immediately after applying the tanner I still manage to have stained hands.

I was thrilled to be chosen to write a review of the The Ultimate Tanning Applicator Mitt . This is a great tanning accessory. The mitt arrives in its own carrying poly bag so that I can take it with me when I travel without worrying it will stain things in my suitcase.

The mitt itself is amazingly soft, with an almost velvet texture. It’s also large enough to fit any size hand; resting easily on your hand. It’s recommended that you rinse the mitt before the first use and after each use I wash mine with Ivory soap and place it over a bottle to dry.

For your best tan make sure that you exfoliate really well. It’s also recommended that 10 minutes before you apply your tanner use some lotion on your knees and elbows to keep the tanner from ‘tanning’ those areas too dark.

To apply my self tanner I simply apply about a quarter size dollop of tanner on the mitt and apply everywhere I want color, moving in a circular motion. The inside of the mitt is slick so I found that when I apply tanner I spread my fingers wide to keep the mitt fitting tightly. The mitt is thick enough that the tanning lotion doesn’t seep through to the inside of the mitt.

This is a well made mitt, after almost 3 weeks this mitt hasn’t lost it’s shape in the least, it hasn’t stretched or cracked anywhere.
The Tanning Mitt is still as soft as the day it arrived. It’s even guaranteed for a FULL year!!

MORE TO LOVE: included in the package is a smaller mitt specially for your face. Such a great added bonus.

The mitt truly helps the tanner smoothly glide over my skin. This mitt keeps the tanner from streaking, my tan looks fantastic!


Not a single one. I have an even streak-free tan and no stained hands all with the help of my new Thermalabs Mitt!! Absolutely no complaints.


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  • Tamra Phelps

    This would be pretty neat! Who wants tanning lotion all over their palms? A good tanning mitt would be great if you self-tan.

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