Rshop 16GB Slim Classic MP3/MP4 Player Review

My very first MP3 player cost me a small fortune for all of 16MB!! (There are 1000MB in one GB) Now for $20 I have a 16GB Slim Classic MP3/MP4 Player that includes a high-speed USB 2.0 cable and earphones. Amazing!! $20?! WOW!

I’m loving this sweet little MP4 player. It’s a beautiful light blue color. It’s easy to load and equally easy to play. This 16 GB little gem will hold 5000 songs. I have no-where near that many songs in my iTunes account, my computer and my iPad all combined. It will take me years to fill this up!

For our camping trip I loaded up several of Alice’s favorite Jake And The Neverland Pirates episodes on this MP4 Player for her to watch. I must say, it was a brilliant move on my part. Alice loves watching NaNa’s tiny TV.

I love that I can not just listen to music, but watch a movie, view my photos, read eBooks and even store data!!  Watching a movie or video is awesome because even though this is a small MP4 player the screen is great for holding in your hand and watching. Especially the kids!! The screen is 1.7″ of High Resolution, real color LCD viewing which is perfect for 3-year-old Alice to be entertained.

I think that one of the things I love the most is that with this price I’m not worried when the Grandkids want to play with it.

The Rshop MP4 player supports mp3 formats, AMV formats video, music play, voice record, video, and even photos!  There are 7 EQ modes: Natural, Rock, Pop, Classic, Jazz, Soft, DBB.  Bonus for me, you don’t have to have an iTunes account to use this MP4.

The battery life is excellent.

This little guy has great sound. The radio works fine, although where we live it doesn’t come in strong enough to really use.

On top of the MP4 player is the power on/off switch. The center round button gives you access to numerous applications on the menu: Music, Videos, Record, Voice, Radio, Photo, Setup, E-book, Games.  MP4 even comes pre-loaded with some music, a short animated video and a couple of games too. Just enough to give you an idea of what this little guy is capable of. Hold the round center button down for a few seconds to return to the main menu.


My only whine is that pushing the control buttons is really loud. It’s a minor whine. Over all for $20 I’m impressed.


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