5 Signs Your Significant Other Isn’t Committed to Your Relationship

It can be heartbreaking when you’re committed to your relationship, especially when you’re married, but the other person isn’t on the same page. Here are five signs that your relationship may be breaking down.

1. They Continue to Party

A bit of independence in relationships is fine. Boys’ Day Out at the golf course? Great! Girls’ Night every other Friday? No problem! When your husband or wife is more interested in partying and meeting new people than they are in spending time with you most nights a week, there’s a problem. When your marriage is seriously on the rocks, the professionals at Cordell & Cordell can help.

2. They’re Not Clingy

Being desperate and clingy all the time isn’t attractive to anyone. However, people who are interested in being in a relationship will want attention from their other half a lot of the time. If your partner never seems to want you around or if they don’t seem to care what you’re doing, this should send up a red flag.

3. They Avoid Serious Talks

Sometimes, serious talks are necessary to take the pulse of a marriage. When you’ve been together for a long time and are married or at least in a committed relationship, neither party should be scared to talk about serious, deep issues. People who are serious about one another want to have some sort or plan or understanding moving forward, and they want to work out their problems to build a better relationship.

4. They Don’t Respond to You Quickly

It’s fine if your partner isn’t chained to their phone. Sometimes, it’s completely normal for them to take a few hours to get back to a text or phone call, especially when they have a busy day or are bombarded with work. If this is a common occurrence, though, or you can’t get in touch with your partner when they’re on a trip, it’s probably not because they’re busy, but instead that they don’t see you as a priority.

5. They Don’t Introduce You to the People in Their Life

When your husband or wife refuses to introduce you to their friends, family members or co-workers, that’s a big sign that there’s something wrong with the relationship.

It can be difficult to tell how committed of a marriage you’re in. This is where professionals can help.

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