Hey Baby Look! By Kate Shannon

If you are a regular here you know that I babysit my 3-year-old Granddaughter Alice full time. I’ve been dipping my toe in Home Schooling for the past couple of months. It’s going really well too!! One of the tools I use is board books. They are usually written in large print, with rhyming words and written with EASY words!!

Alice and I have been using Hey, Baby, Look!! As our newest reading book. It’s SO CUTE!!! Written by Kate Shannon and illustrated by award-winning Morgan Owens, Hey, Baby, Look! is steeped in brain-based research and meant to optimize interactive learning in a positive and playful way.

What Alice and I like about this book is the fact it’s also a question book. Each page has four different pictures and corresponding questions. For instance; Is the Lemon Sour? So each page has dozens of learning opportunities. From which of these four pictures can you eat? Which of these four pictures have a scent? So MANY possibilities!!

Hey, Baby, Look! is a brand new children’s board book, created especially for the zero-to-three, infant and toddler market.

As a nominee for the 27th Annual Minnesota Book Awards, “Hey, Baby, Look! applies the most current academic and brain research to maximize your child’s learning in a fun and interactive way,” according to Dr. Rita Brodnax, a PhD in Educational Leadership and the Application of Neuroscience to Teaching and Learning.


This is a great size book 6″ by 6″ so it’s perfect for little hands. The pages are thick and sturdy for those same little hands!! Have ya ever noticed just how destructive those tiny little hands can be?? The pages of Hey, Baby, Look! aren’t ones that can be picked at and destroyed; I LOVE THAT!!!

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Not a single one. This is a sturdy book. Large print which is perfect for teaching kids to read! It’s a fun read that Alice requests!! What could I whine about???


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    It’s such a wonderful age for children when they start to discover the world about them – many of my happiest times were of being read to and then learning for myself the joys of reading.

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