Just sort of UGH today!! Have you ever just woke up sad? No reason. Nothing bad has happened. I just am having a sad. I want JUNK FOOD! I want mass amounts of chocolate. AND potato chips!! I want to curl up in bed. I want a good book. Hot cocoa (with tiny little marshmallows AND whip cream).

Congratulations to Dan and Heather who are in Las Vegas with my daughter Selena. They ran the Rock and Roll half marathon today. Dan finished with 2 hours 46 minutes. Heather finished with 2 hours 20 minutes. HOLY MOLY! That exhausts me just THINKING about running that far. I mean REALLY!?! Running that far… and no one is chasing me with a hatchet? … I don’t think so. So now I’m off to do a Jillian Michael’s DVD work out. Since I DO plan to have a hot cocoa with little bitty marshmallows with my dinner.

Ohhh I had to come back and beg for votes again!! Whew… that was a close one! Thank you so much for voting!!!!!!!!!! I’ve heard from several people that my links are cutting off the voting box on the left hand side. So if that happens please copy and paste the address into a new browser window. That seems to work. Thank you again!!

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