Okay… so… I was thinking…..

It’s been a long time since I’ve thanked you for reading my blog. I try not to write sad and depressing blogs but I did tonight. (Yes, you should TURN AWAY!! Turn away!!) But it’s important that you know I appreciate you. I am a very lucky girl to have you all in my corner!! I really think that with all the stress going on in my life this year had it not been for the Channel 10 Half Year Resolution and this blog I would be at least 30 pounds heavier instead of almost 30 pound lighter. From the small stuff like moving my Mom in with us. To the big things like, grieving over the loss of my younger brother who on Christmas Eve 2008 lost his battle with cancer. (How long do you suppose it takes before I can go a whole 24 hours without crying?) I can’t believe it’s almost been a whole year without him and almost 3 years since my younger sister died. (I’m seriously contemplating becoming a hermit in a year. Starting with my father it’s been a funeral every 2 years!! Soooo I’ll need one’aya to drop off junk food when I go into hiding this time next year!!) Keeping weight off and losing weight is something I guess you have to be mindful of every minute? EveryDAY!? Shouldn’t it get easier!? Like, days when DH’s Multiple Sclerosis knocks him down I still want to hit the bag of M&M’s, potato chips and peanut butter. (Did you know that is a really good sandwich?! The potato chips are the bread and the peanut butter keeps the M&M’s in place! It’s just DeLISH! Am I a ROCK STAR gourmet junk food chef or WHAT!?!!) I have learned to have better choices in my kitchen and I try not keep my trigger foods around in large quantities. But it’s a constant battle!! Like… peanut butter, yes, I know… peanut butter isn’t a bad choice… normally. BUT, it is a BAD choice when you are using a LARGE SPOON and eating it straight from the jar. Anyway, even with all the things I’ve learned your support and comments have been the most important to me and I want you to know how grateful I am to have you in my corner!! It would have been too hard to do this alone. Yup, yup I am a lucky, lucky girl!! See ya tomorrow!

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