Need me sum prudy words….

I may not have exercised this morning, but, I’m sure the hyper me runnin’ around like a crazy person burned a lot of calories. I’m taping my 60 second commercial at Channel 10 tomorrow. I need to dazzle and intrigue people to come read my blog and vote for me. So far I’ve ruled out begging Paaaaaaaaaaleeeeeeeaseeeeeeeeeeee for 60 seconds. I figure that MAY NOThave the desired effect, cause my voice will get all high pitched and nasaly…. naaa not a good idea. So…. words… I have to have words. I also need to figure out what to do with my arms. Don’t be surprised if in my little commercial my arms are over my head and “dream talk mumbling” is pouring out of my mouth. Oh it’ll be funny to you… entertaining even! But will it make strangers vote for me?!? Probably not. So, other than the whole words thing…… I’m ready. Dani at The Loft Hair Design in Escondido cut and styled my (very cute, if I don’t mind saying so myself!) hair. My outfit is picked out. My toes are painted… I’m ready!! Except ya know…. for the words thing. See ya tomorrow.

P.S. I love you guys!! I really am such a lucky girl. Thank you for all the comments and notes from yesterdays blog. You made my day!

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