Okay commercial done. WHEW!! You’ll be happy to hear I didn’t put my hands on my head. I stuttered thru a couple of takes and Trudi worked her magic and put them all together to make the winning video!? It will be if you’ll go vote for me on Monday! Did ya see how I just threw that right in there?! THAT was shameless!! (Here is the link, ohhhhh it’s just painful to watch myself talking about MYSELF!!) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Half-Year-Resolution/227962245163?ref=mf

So I rewarded myself and I bought new shoes!! I bought a pair of Sketcher Shape-ups for walking. (DH can’t make a fuss over these….. because exercise shoes don’t count as real shoes!) I’ll let ya know what I think next week. I wore them on my walk with Kaki this morning and I didn’t feel any difference, but the video says you may be sore in your thighs and glutes the next day. Trust me you’ll hear about it if it’s true.

Okay now you can go watch the after video. Here is the before picture to remind you where I was when the Half Year Resolution started on July 1st.

(Do you think it’s lazy if I re-post this same entry on Monday when voting starts??)

See ya tomorrow.

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