It Isn’t Just A Slogan! Seed To Seal!! Young Living COUPON CODE!!!

Seed to seal… it isn’t just a slogan….it is Young Living’s calling. It is also the reason that I decided to join the Young Living team of oils, and wellness. What I didn’t realize at that moment, was that it was just more than oils. So much more.

Young Living

I think of it like an oyster shell (if you have not noticed yet, I LOVE a good analogy). The outside of the shell is disfigured and discolored. A little haphazard in structure. But on the inside…..oh the inside! Once you crack that oyster shell, it is the most beautiful pearl. Something that you would want to share with everyone, am I right? The opalescence color, and the spherical shape. It is awe inspiring and a bit jaw dropping.
That is how I think of Young Living, the community, and the friends that I have made. Once you crack open the shell, and see what is hidden inside…it is impossible to look away.
My favorite part of this journey is the people ( that I haven’t had the flu in who knows how long?) What you get is an entire community. You will never be left wondering how or why to use them, but rather fully immersed into a Facebook family of education and support. Encyclopedia Britannica, on steroids. My Young Living Facebook groups are where I spend most of my days. The people in there have become some of the best friends that I never knew I needed. They have taught me how to live above the wellness line, combat my diabetes, sleep through the night, find my libido (yea I said it), tame my kiddos…all with oils and community.
I would love for you to join me. Love for you to discover what I didn’t know I needed. health, wellness, laughter, and friends. Sounds like a pretty good start to 2018?
Young Living Oils
For the entire month of January, all of the Peanut Butter and Whine family is invited to join me on a journey of wellness. I will give back $25 off the price of the essential starter kit. Email me at ja***@dr****************.com to get started.


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