UIC’s Nursing Informatics Degree

Many unique innovations in the healthcare industry have led to a need for nurses to help implement this technology. Just some of how this technology is used include measuring patient satisfaction, managing electronic health records and implementing advanced clinical systems. Nurses have unique experience that allows them to help the systems to be put to use efficiently. Their hands-on experience enables them to understand the impact of these systems better than someone with a non-nursing background.

UIC’s Nursing Informatics degree is one way to get involved in this new trend that is changing healthcare for the better. Graduates can take a lead role in planning and implementing these systems as well as optimizing them. Students who decide to pursue this type of major will take a total of 14 courses, leading to a master’s degree.

Post-graduate certificates can be a perfect solution for nurses who already hold a degree. Because most of these programs feature seven courses, it’s much easier for a working nurse with a busy schedule to get through. Graduates of these programs can achieve a high proficiency level in IT systems, keeping the job market open to them.

Degree or certificate holders have much easier access to these types of jobs than non-nurses or nurses without an IT specialty. Organizations that hire nurses trained in these concentrations will have an easier time implementing these systems. If hired for a job like this, you will have more of a hand in helping to create a vital infrastructure for patient information.

Nursing positions are expected to become increasingly more high-tech. A combination of information technology with nursing skills is a win-win situation for both healthcare providers and patients. One of the desired outcomes of putting these practices into use is to make the whole practice of nursing better quality.

One of the reasons why so many nurses are interested in this as a form of continuing education is to experience better interactions with their patients. Information on each patient flows more easily, making it easier for healthcare workers to evaluate everything. Nursing informatics can be used for technology that ranges from handling the admitting process to distributing discharge information more efficiently. 

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