Pertinent Home Repairs before Selling Your Home

You’re recently received your dream job offer in an amazing area and it’s time to pack up and move. However, this means you must sell your house in atlanta and get it ready for a potential new owner. Suddenly you’re feeling completely overwhelmed because doing everything in such a short amount of time seems impossible. Does this sound a lot like you? Before you stress out there are solutions so you can still get everything done in time to move and start your new life. It is possible to move and get your family situated before your dream job begins. For starters there are important home repairs you need to take care of before you sell, Here’s a list to get you started:

Roof Repairs

Does your home need a new roof? You should just bite the bullet and replace it. Buyers will shy away from purchasing a home if the roof is in bad shape. Fortunately, you can hire roofing specialists in Atlanta who can get the job done in a few days time. This will save you a lot of time and money and besides, the idea is to increase the value of your home. However, be sure to do your due diligence and hire a company that is licensed and insured. Performing an online search for roofing companies near me will connect you with local experts in your area; take a look at reviews and past ratings to ensure you’re choosing a reputable company. Implementing these suggestions will see you having a new metal, shingle, or tile roof in a timely manner.

Bathroom Repairs

Think about just how much time you spend in your bathroom to get ready every day and how much wear and tear a bathroom receives over time. If you really think about it, then you may not be surprised that the national average of recouped cost is more than 100% for bathrooms. This means you will need new floors, lights, and fixtures in the bathrooms. It will definitely pay off though because potential home buyers will be impressed with new bathrooms in the home.

Flooring Repairs

Carpeting and plywood for flooring are always great options, especially if you have to completely replace the flooring in case they were destroyed over time by a pet or foot traffic. Carpet is relatively inexpensive to install, but you don’t want to install carpet that doesn’t look nice in your home. At this point you may just want to go with the cheapest route, but don’t take shortcuts. Invest in flooring that will increase your home’s value.

However, if your home has hardwood floors, buyers want that! Keep the hardwood floors in and polish them up if needed. Also, if you have ceramic flooring it’s best to replace cracked or chipped tiles. Replace or clean the grout but don’t install new ceramic because it’s very expensive. Use ceramic sparingly such as for an entry way.
In addition to the flooring, and other major repairs, there are other fixes that need looking at. Resurface your driveway if it is asphalt, caulk windows and doors, plant new flowers if your yard is all dried up, patch cement cracks in sidewalks, and think of other small home tasks that need taken care of. Remember, if you don’t have time you can hire professionals to help you with these tasks. What’s more, if you don’t have to sell your home right away you can take your time with all of the repairs.


  • Rosie

    These are all great tips. Although many studies are put out every year comparing the costs of remodeling and repairs and how much you get back when you sell, one of the biggest advantages is that you will probably get a much quicker sale, and many less hassles and less dickering that leaves you drained. Many ppl just don’t have the funds or the time, though, but if you can do even one area, it is worth it.

  • Sarah L

    I’ve lived in my house for over 30 years. I’d like a new bathroom.
    These are things that will impress a potential buyer.

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