Unique Desk Lamp From iEGrow

If you decorate with a modern edge I have a desk lamp for you!! This very unique light is from iEGrow. First, the very modern lines make this an eye-catching light. The lamp has a black triangle base and the white diamond shape gently expands out of the base. The black base has a strip of silver accent on all sides of the black base. The over all combo is great and a completely modern look.

Getting the clock set up took a little bit of work; and was rather frustrating at times. But, once I figured it out set up went rather fast. I was able to set time, date and Fahrenheit. Added bonus you can set this clock to read in Celsius as well.

This is a great Dream Lamp, alarm clock; however my favorite feature is the fact that there are five calming sounds to help you drift off to sleep at night. Pressing sound key which is located on the bottom center of the black base will sequentially play calming sounds. Cricket chirp, frog croak, bird chirp and sound of waves, then waves and sea-gull, birds chirping and ducks quacking with the sound of a babbling brook. You can set how much time you want your sounds to play as well.

Adding 2 AAA batteries is an awesome feature for times when the power goes out. I do want to mention that when battery back up kicks in, the light does not work. When the clock/light is plugged in touching the silver will turn on the light. The amount or length of touch on the silver sides will dim or brighten the light.

It’s very cool watching the light slowly come out of the black base. You can’t help but want to play with the lamp.

I didn’t find that the light was bright enough to read by but it is bright enough to give you some very nice mood lighting.

In the middle of the night the clock is easy to read.


Overall, this is an awesome looking lamp. I especially love the night-time noises that help me drift off to sleep. I wish the pretty flowers and vine design were on the front instead of the back with the plug. I also wish I could turn off the constantly changing read out; I don’t do well with red lights at night so the constant changing red light is a little hard to handle. However, turning the light around fixed that.



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