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For the next couple of days I’m going to share with you a couple more games from one of my favorite companies out there; Winning Moves Games. This site has so many amazing games for ALL ages! All in one spot!

Upwords_SmallestToday’s game is Upwords, a word game for two to four players. This Scrabble with a twist!

There are 64 letter titles with an added bonus the letters are LARGE!! Easy to read!! This is great for G’ma or little kids! There are four trays to hold your letters (think Scrabble trays)

The Upwords board is smaller than the Scrabble board; it’s an 8″ by 8″ square board is a grid of raised squares the tiles fit in perfectly and stay put so that the board can be moved so each player can see the board. I LOVE the fact that the feet have little felt buttons (with extra in the box!!) so that my table doesn’t get scratched.

Each of the tiles fits in on the board but also can be stacked on top of each other without toppling over.

Each player starts with 7 letter tiles. There are only one C, J, X, Z, and Qu tiles. There are 2 H’s and 4 N and T tiles. There 8 E tiles.

Just like Scrabble, you add words to the board. However, each tile is only worth a single point in Upwords.

Upwords allows the player to not only add onto a word but STACK the tiles to make the completely different word.  For instance CLIP becomes, Slip, Blip, Trip all building up on top of other tiles.  This game makes your brain WORK!!  As the stacks get higher the more points you get; meaning adding to the stack can mean more points that adding a word to the board. Seriously, the better your vocabulary the more words you will be able to build.

The game ends when all the tiles have been used or there are no more words that can be made. The tiles in your tray count against you.


Wellllll, when it comes right down to it I can’t spell. Or at least I have spelling anxiety!! This is really a great game for getting the cob webs outta your head and work those brain muscles. BTW… outta…. NOT a word!!  A truly a great addition to your game library!


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