URBAN ARMOR GEAR iPad Air 2 Case Review

So what is the best way to protect your iPad while you are camping?? Okay, smarty pants, leaving it at home is NOT an option!! Y’all know I am WAY to electronics addicted for that!! So, any other guesses?? How about the URBAN ARMOR GEAR iPad Air 2 cases that look rugged, ARE RUGGED, they are light weight with a low-profile!!

I absolutely love the look of this Magma case in red and black!! My iPad may never get taken out of this case!! 4-year-old Alice is a terror on wheels and she doesn’t understand NaNa being overly protective of her iPad. This case is strong! It’s also covered in what Urban Armor Gear calls FrogSkin. (Yes, it does look like FrogSkin! NO it doesn’t NOT feel like FrogSkin!) But, this texture does help me hold my iPad it’s very non-slip. Even with wet hands my iPad doesn’t slip or slide.

The Magma Case even meets MILITARY drop-test standards!! Hello!! Surely if it passes that drop test it can protect it from a 4-year-old!! I truly am not hovering when Alice has my iPad anymore. More to love is the inside of the case under the iPad is a impact resistant core.

All of the ports and the camera cut outs are easily accessible and actually oversized so there is no fighting to get my charging cord in!

The cover has the smart techonolgy, so when you open the cover the iPad comes on and turns off when you close it. There is a magnetic closure tab that keeps my iPad from opening in my backpack which I love!

The Magma Case comes in red or black, but I have to say the red is outstanding!

Oversized ports, tactile buttons, and a smart cover provide maximum usability on your next adventure. Protect your iPad Air 2 with UAG.

Urban Armor Gear leading creators of rugged, lightweight, MIL-SPEC drop-tested mobile protective cases, took to the sky with brand ambassador and professional athlete, JT Holmes, to push the limits of wingsuit flying in the spirit of adventure. Now in theory I would LOVE the chance to do this!!! In reality I’m certain that I would have to be PUSHED out of the plane.

Here is a little more information; very interesting information!!
JT Holmes, a world-renowned skier and BASE Jumper, has become a beacon for the adventurous spirit that UAG embodies. Holmes, who was recently featured on 60-Minutes speed-riding down the Eiger, brings an intrepid and ongoing quest to test the limits of human flight. Not only does JT Holmes aid in sharing the brand’s message of ruggedness and extreme adventures with like minded enthusiasts, he also inspires others to push the limits, regardless of location or activity.

In this video, JT is seen flying his suit, BASE Jumping from the top of a hot air balloon, and conducting close proximity fly-bys. Filming takes place from UAG’s helicopter, and the hot air balloon that also acts as a launching platform for the flyers.

To pull this off, JT and Espen Fadnes were tethered to the top of the balloon as it was launched into the sky. The team draped a friction resistant fabric which acted as a ‘slip and slide’ from the apex of the balloon, off and over the edge so the flyers could slide off it in their wingsuits. Afterwards the team executed a close proximity flight from a height of 7,990’, reaching a speed of 118 mph and soaring past the hot air balloon 30-feet from the basket.

According to the founder, Steve Armstrong, “JT has been brought on as the most extreme product tester UAG could find. Our partnership with him will provide the support and resources that will allow him to take his career to the next level. JT’s lifestyle reflects the core values of UAG. Fortitude and style, partnered with pushing the limits of every endeavor on all his adventures, makes us honored to ingrain him into our brand as an ambassador.”

About JT Holmes:
JT Holmes is a thrill seeker who has made a living out of literally jumping from thousands of feet above ground into the air. He has also incorporated his extreme skiing capabilities and extraordinary wing suit base-jumps to catch the eye of prominent media outlets, including 60 minutes, Oprah and ESPN. Holmes has more than 12 years of experience competing worldwide and filming TV, movies, and being covered in magazine and newspapers stories. In 2002, he was awarded The “Certificate Of Heroism” from the Governor of Alaska for saving the life of an avalanche victim.


NONE!! My case is strong, durable and I love the look of it too!! Yes, it’s military drop tested; but more important it is Alice proof!! That get’s two very strong thumbs UP!!

About Urban Armor Gear Inc.
Inspired by adrenaline-fueled outdoor adventures throughout Southern California, Urban Armor Gear (UAG) delivers mobile accessories and cases developed to survive rugged terrains while protecting your tech throughout any journey. Urban Armor Gear’s innovative, lightweight yet durable designs constantly evolve to provide urban adventurers and global thrill seekers, high-quality accessories to preserve the latest tech gear on the market with the reassurance that their UAG mobile cases will perform through all extremes. Our badge of honor rests behind every single UAG product receiving a military-grade certification for protection against shock by enduring rigorous laboratory drop testing.

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  • Ann

    My favorite part: “…but more important it is Alice proof!! That get’s two very strong thumbs UP!!” Adorable, and absolutely understood! 🙂
    For me, Urban Armor Gear = the name alone commands respect. QUALITY, durable products. …I just really, really (really, really…) wish I had an iPad! I actually didn’t even have a phone for over five weeks, but just ordered one a couple hours ago! …Hmm. I wonder if UAG makes iPhone cases? And cases for… Let’s see, let me start making a list of things that I tend to accidentally drop… :p

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