Urban Ministry Internship – How to Cope With the Challenge

Being human, as we all call it, is the most difficult of all the qualities that we wish to have and expect of others at the same time. Urban ministry internship may help you attain this valuable trait. Surprised? How are humanity and urban ministry internship related? Well, these days, who isn’t aware of urbanization and its adverse effects? People living in rural areas always dream high about their urban life and fantasize urban centers as prototypes of the heaven above.

Not a Mere Change in Place

Thousands of rural immigrants switch their given lifestyle, professions and ideology while moving towards the town. However, the dreams soon transform into nightmares when these non-natives face a financial crisis, accommodation problems, health issues, and cultural gaps. These cases are worse for international immigrants coming to big cities like Los Angeles. Apart from dealing with the different crisis, they also sometimes need help from immigration law services in Los Angeles to protect themselves and their family from LA’s equally stiff immigration rules.

Urban Slums and Their Dwellers

The new settlers from countryside believe money will solve all their problems, but this does not happen. Simply because, a vast majority is not educated enough to find better jobs, eventually they end up finding corners in slums with poor living standards and unhygienic surroundings. To cater to the needs of such unattended poor fellows, urban ministry internship is a great way to train internees about the service they may provide for serving God’s fellowmen.

Lack of Churches and Humanity in Urban Centers

People belonging to rural backgrounds are fancied by closed neighborhoods, and are deeply involved in religion ― churches for them are not just centers for religious ceremonies, but serve simultaneously as a platform for social gatherings as well. Sadly, in cities, we get little time for the almighty and likewise, these rural fellows leave their religious activities with the passage of time because of hectic work schedules. Servant Partners, one of the leading names in providing international urban internship is fully devoted to making the lives of poor urban fellows easier and happier. They give a friendly hand to the needy ones and work in conformity with Jesus Christ’s teachings.

Society and Religion go Hand-in-Hand

Being virtuous interns of international urban internship earns good points from God for serving humanity and learn the organization of the cities, keeping in mind the different cultural, economic, and geographical aspects. Trainees during the urban ministry internship are taught to deal with issues of globalization and identity crisis as well ― facilitating maintenance of religion and confidence of the local residents. If people are happy and satisfied, there will be fewer chances of their indulgence in criminal or illegal activities like theft, robbery, drugs, etc.

Key Points to be Noted

We must not over-assume things and should try to look into the deeper aspects of humanity. A true believer is the one who loves not only God but His followers too. We all have an innate potential and an open heart to help ― it is just that we are not aware of the appropriate manner and methodology. Urban centers do need consideration by all means at various levels and most importantly; having a healthy, happy and prosperous life with better working opportunities is a right of all. Surely, international urban internship opens the way to our real goal.

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