Vacation Day 2

How is it possible to clean for sooooo long and make the house look WORSE than when I started?!?! AUGHHH!!! To top it off DH is still sick so I’m trying hard not to make noise that wakes him up. I’m NOT a QUIET PERSON!!! Ohhhhhh maybe that’s why the house looks worse? I’m starting projects everywhere and finding them too noisy and I go on the next project. All this movin’ has to be burning calories!? Right? Even if the moving around is followed by 30 minutes of sitting down with the laptop. I know I’d probably burn more if I finished ohhh say ONE room?!

On a positive note my Mom’s mobile may have found a buyer! Moving really burns calories!! That sound upbeat and positive didn’t it? I’m thinking positive…. moving firms muscles…. I hate moving….. burns fat…… I really hate moving. Okay okay so I’m working on the whole positive part! That’s it for now. I’ll see ya back here tomorrow.

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