Waterworks Card Game

Waterworks Card Game Review



Waterworks is a game by Parker Brothers from 1972. Personally, I had never heard of this classic card game. In this original leaky pipe card game just be the first player to complete a pipeline from valve to spout!

This card game is for ages 8 and up with 2 to 4 players. There are two decks of cards and a total of 11o pipe cards and 8 little metal wrenches.

Players begin with a hand of five pipe cards and two wrenches. Cards used in play are lead pipe cards, copper pipe cards (invulnerable to leaks), and lead pipe cards that are already leaky. The valve card is placed on the table to begin a player’s pipeline. The spout card is set aside until it is used by a player who has completed their pipeline, and then immediately the player ends the game by placing the spout aimed down toward the player.

Waterworks Game gets so many laughs when any number of pipe shapes are played. L bends, T-pipes, straight, with the best being the leaky pipes!! Players can’t add more pipe until your leak is repaired. So how do you fix a leaky pipe? Well, by either placing an intact pipe of the same shape over the leak or placing a wrench on the leak card. Thankfully a repaired pipe can’t leak again. (don’t you wish REAL pipes were like that??)  Have fun by messing up your opponents pipes by laying a leaking pipe for them to fix or a T pipe and caps to really add chaos. Just get your pipes fixed before your opponent.


After you play a card draw a replacement from the pile, you have the option of exchanging a single card rather than playing a card.

A great card game for the Grandkids and I to play. (ruthless little monsters do gang up on me though!! I need more wrenches!!)

Also if you are four years old building a long pipe trail is as much fun as the game itself!


I will never complain about game time with the Grandkids! Ever!! This is a fun game that we all enjoy! Another great addition to any card game library!


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