Ways To Make Your Kitchen Safer for Your Kids

A child’s safety should always be their parent’s top priority. However, many parents don’t recognize the number of dangers their children face in their own homes. The kitchen can be one of the most dangerous areas of the home, with numerous hazards lurking in the most innocuous places. Whether you have curious toddlers or independent teenagers, it’s important to make your kitchen safer for your kids. Childproofing your kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. In fact, many simple and affordable changes will greatly reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. Explore some practical tips and tricks that can help you create a kitchen that is both safe and functional for your family. From installing safety devices to teaching your kids basic first aid skills, we’ve got you covered.

Install Soft-Close Drawers and Cabinets

One of the simplest ways you can make your kitchen safer for kids is by installing soft-close drawers and cabinets. These types of cabinets close slowly and gently, no matter how much your kids try to slam them. This feature helps reduce the risk of kids slamming their fingers when closing a drawer or catching them in the hinge of a cabinet door. In addition to being safer, they’re also more durable and will last longer than traditional cabinets. Plus, eliminating the possibility of slamming doors will make for a much quieter kitchen space. You can either purchase soft-close cabinets and drawers when you remodel your kitchen or retrofit your existing cabinets with soft-close hardware.

Outfit the Space With Child Locks

Another effective way to childproof your kitchen is by outfitting it with child locks. You can find childproof locks for everything from cabinets and drawers to refrigerators and ovens. These locks can prevent children from accessing potentially dangerous items such as knives, cleaning supplies, or hot surfaces. Some locks use adhesive, while others require screws, so be sure to choose the type that works best for your needs. Child locks are one of the best safety measures to install if you have younger children.

Store Hazardous Items Out of Reach

Kitchens are home to some hazardous items, and preventing them from falling into the hands of your kids is crucial to ensure their safety. Keep things like cleaning supplies, matches, and sharp objects out of reach and in locked cabinets. This will help prevent curious little hands from getting into things they shouldn’t. Additionally, consider using nontoxic cleaning products or switching to natural alternatives, which are less harmful if ingested.

Discuss Kitchen Safety With Your Kids

It’s important to talk to your kids about kitchen safety from an early age. Teach them how to properly use appliances, utensils, and other kitchen tools. Make sure they understand the dangers of hot surfaces and sharp objects. Encourage them to always ask for help when they need it and to never leave the kitchen while something is cooking on the stove. You can also involve them in meal preparation, as long as they are closely supervised and know the rules. By teaching your kids about kitchen safety, you’ll help them develop good habits that will protect them for years to come.


  • gloria patterson

    There is a lot of good information and suggestion here. The one thing missing is how creative kids are. When my great niece was just 3 she received some lip gloss from me that she really liked. She did something and mommy took it away from her and placed on top of the refigerator. While Zay was alone in the living room she decided she wanted her lip gloss. She pushed a stool up to the counter, got on the stool and then on the counter. She could not reach the lip gloss so she found a wooden spoon on the counter. One little push and the lip gloss was on the floor. Lets just say she never got to use that lip gloss again and she never climbed on a stool again.

  • Tamra Phelps

    Honestly, I’m the one who usually screws up and gets hurt in the kitchen. I just reach in the oven and start to take something out without grabbing the oven mitts or drop somehting scalding hot on myself.

  • heather

    Great tips for new parents. I am a huge fan of child gates to keep them out of the kitchen and away from the stove and refrigerator.

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