We Love You LEGOLAND California!!

Since I’m a LEGOLAND California Ambassador (YEAH ME!!) I have decided to dedicate at least one post a month of Alice and my private trips. I will combine photos from the entire month. Y’all know the only reason I have a blog to share photos of the Grandkids! So, rather than posting pictures here on Peanut Butter and Whine, every single visit (you are very welcome!) I’ll combine them into one post. However, I will post pictures on Instagram every single visit, I can’t help it. Which is a lot!! LEGOLAND California is just one of those places that Alice and I go. First, it’s a mile (yes, just one mile) from Alice’s house. I KNOW she will have fun every single time we go! With the Merlin Pass (which includes FREE PARKING!!) I don’t care if Alice is ready to leave in an hour! We have fun! And mostly because I know I know can wear her OUT!!

Today’s trip was awesome!! We rode rides, danced in Heartlake City with Mia, Emma, Stephanie, Olivia and Andrea (the absolutely adorable Heartlake City girls!) So full of energy that Alice can’t help but dance.
Although Alice is very concerned about a missing LEGO Statue. She has her favorites; she wants pictures standing or sitting with them each time. Each and EVERY TIME! When we got to one particular statue Alice said “where is the girl?! NaNa there is supposed to be a girl here!!” When I told her I didn’t know where she was she said “But you know them” Ummmmm I know WHO?!? “The boss” Ummmm say what?!? Apparently Alice thinks I have great power as a LEGOLAND California Ambassador!!

So, LEGOLAND people, please put the girl statue back next to the bunny rabbit in Heartland City. There, Alice! NaNa did her job.

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