Well played Monica. Well Played!!

So, if you read the post earlier, about my telemarketer phone call where I boasted that I WON!!

I made Monica hang up on me. I had so much fun! I was looking forward to my next call!!

That, my friends has back fired.  I am certain that Monica has distributed my name and phone number to every single telemarketer she knows. 2 days of phone calls. The green dot means MULTIPLE calls from the same number. Since the towns are close to me, I of course have to answer.

This isn’t as fun as the first round.

Since they are asking for me in particular, I say, “wrong number, I sure hope you find her!”

That hasn’t worked either.

I did register on the National DO NOT Call list. I sure hope that kicks in soon.

In the meantime. Monica, my hat is off to you! Well played!! Well played indeed.



    This is a good one…………………..ROFLMAO

    register on the National DO NOT Call list. THEY ARE NOT WORTH THE TIME TO FILL IN THE FORM.

    As they say you had your fun now you pay for it. Before I got call blocker I had so many of those calls. And I still get them but most hang up when it says leave a message. A few of them are THEY WANT TO HELP ME PAY OFF STUDENT LOANS. I am 70+ no loans. Then a lot are the medicare calls. DELETE DELETE my favorite thing to do on the phone

    And I have to agree Monica passed your number around……………………. LOL LOL

    • Connie (the head peanut)

      OH MY GOSH! Monica must be a very popular gal, cause I have never been THIS popular. ROFLMAO 10000%A KAREN!
      It really is funny though…. cause I really thought I was the funny one. So wrong! Sooooo wrong.

  • heather

    This is too funny loves reading these posts. The National Do Not Call Registry kicks in after 30 days but we still get a few calls well more than a few.

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