Well, that was easy??

I made this. Soft toy

Easy? Ummmm the answer is NO… no it was not (at first anyway)  I know that all you seamstress out there will be rolling your eyes at me… but MAN that was HARD! I made BabyT a block.  A crinkle taggie block. I was so excited about this project… handmade with love by Nonnie.. (ahhhh aren’t I sooo sweet!?) wellllllllllllllll FYI……. You can’t just randomly sew seams together for a block…. you must first try and MAKE (visualize) the block or you will be tearing out seams over and over and over. Anyway, once I stopped just randomly sewing pieces together the little block went quick. Now it isn’t done yet, seems you need to have STUFFING for the crinkle block… HEY! I got the cute dog felt! AND ribbon and tread!
HEY!! Look at me! I’ve sewn TWO! count ’em TWO things now!! WOOOO HOOO!! I’m a regular Betsy Ross!!
Now back to work on baby shower invitations for BabyT.  Don’t worry, yours is in the mail.

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