I curled my hair today!!

Now curling my hair may sound like such a simple “BIG WOO” thing… but since DH’s little trip to ER and since basically house bound since, well, I’ve taken the whole “low maintenance” thing to a VERY HIGH level!! No makeup, I haven’t actually brushed my hair in 2 months. (OMG! Has it been 2 months?!) It’s probably TMI to tell you I hadn’t shaved my legs until yesterday either. (I could do write a WHOLE ‘nother post on the Epilady fiasco last night… but suffice to say…. check ebay… that little bastard is for sale!) Anyway… back to my low maintenance description.    Example: My daughter Selena said she might come over this weekend.  I responded with “I might have an plans!” Selena shot right back with “I hope it’s with a box of hair color!!”

So I just thought it was news worthy to tell you I curled my hair today!!  (Hey, Dan remember the last time I shared TMI…. see how much better I am NOW that I have baby T to worry about!?!)
Speaking of baby T, I started sewing a taggie block today. I plan to sew it with crinkly noise maker inside and a bell. (At least that’s the plan).

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