Woo that scared me!

You know when you look up and someone has just APPEARED and it startles you?  Even when you are home and it’s just family it still startles you right?? 
Tonight DH said “Why is Mority staring at the wall??”  I look over (mind you I’ve walked past Mority maybe a dozen times already since our son Zachary had been over to visit…… but never even saw him!!! Observant is NOT my strong suit!) Anyway, looked over and Mority is right THERE!!  Scared the
s%#$ outta me!!  Mority belongs in the diningroom… where he’s been for the last 5 years!  Having him just appear in the in livingroom… not funny!  NOT funny!
(If you don’t know the story about Mority http://peanutbutterandwhine.com/2010_12_26_archive.html go back to here LOL if you have 15 minutes you will NEVER get back… that is)

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