Well, that was fun………. NOT!

Ya know, there are times that I get it into my head that I am a major computer programmer.  I convince myself that I know my script from my HTML. I figure I can fix css, js, plain text and move this then move that. Close this app, move this widget and edit that plugin.

Wellll, we all know what happens when I DO any of that!!  Yup, I break the whole darn thing in one swift click of a button.

Thanks to a nice long visit with the folks at GoDaddy for fixing this mess. Then a quick fix from Pretty Darn Cute designs and BOOM I’m workin’ again. I’m done messing around. HONEST!!

Have I learned my lesson? Ahhhh probably not. But, I’m leaving it alone for this week!

I hope your days have gone better.


  • BlythE

    Connie, you’re the best! Your posts make me smile, laugh out loud and feel great being right there with you when I think I can fix my technology! Then the swear words come! Love you and wish you a Wonderful Mother’s Day in your new digs!❤️

  • Rosie

    I know I would totally mess it up, but I’m thrilled I figured out how to add your button to my blog, that was hard enough. A cute button it is, too. I was wondering what happened, I figured it was my computer. You know a lot more than I do, I’d have to spend so much money, clueless. You have a good set up for your page. I don’t do apps, no smartphone.

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