What can I say??

I’m a giver.  Yup yup, I am ever the helpful, loving wife.  Being such, I offered my services to DH, rather than drive all the way down to Scripps La Jolla Hospital tomorrow for DH’s appointment for his heart ‘reset’  (the technical boring term is defibrillation of the heart  This procedure is supposed to put DH’s heart back into normal sinus rhythm).  Now, back to me being the helpful loving wife, I offered to use the battery cables in the garage and reset his rhythm at home. DH respectfully declined (GGGHHAAAAA….where is his sense of adventure??  Where’s the TRUST!??!). so tomorrow we will let the “professionals” do it. (Still, It’s called ‘practicing medicine’ how professional could they be??? Except the whole million years in school thing? And degree’s and all taht stuff) STILL… I COULD do it, if he’d let me! TONS cheaper too!
Now off to remind DH tomorrow, “when they stop your heart before they restart it… don’t walk toward the light!!  REALLY cause you are NOT even close to done with your Honey Do list!!

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