He made me MISS it!!!!!!!!

Not only did I have to sit in a hospital all day watching DH look like a pincushion with wires…. but he made me MISS National Peanut Butter Lovers Day!!!!!  Oh, the humanity!!!! This isn’t something you can EVER get back!!!!
DH did well with the heart reset, doctor didn’t let me work the paddles. (I did almost have the nurse convinced though). I was 100% sure DH was in PERFECT hands when the Dr. walked in and DH asked if he was the anesthesiologist. As straight faced as I’ve ever seen and without skipping a beat, the doctor said “No, but I did stay at a Holiday In last night”
Now, DH is back to the waiting game and constant blood work.  I would swear his veins have GOT to be empty by now!!

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