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What Is the Importance of a Trustworthy Platform in Playing Casino Games Online?

The fast growth of online casinos globally has made the gambling world a much smaller place. There’s no longer a need to travel out of town to spin the roulette wheel or try your hand at blackjack at Casinos in Ontario. You can now enter a Las Vegas-style casino while sitting in your living room in Lisbon. In Portugal, particularly, online gambling has seen massive increases.

The sheer number of online casinos available to newcomers is overwhelming. It’s hard to know the best criteria when deciding which will get your euros. Casinos from, like Betway may stand out because of its history of sponsoring sports teams and events across Europe. Familiarity is comforting, and this alone may give you sufficient confidence to select that as your go-to casino, like live roulette at OXI Casino.

While each person has their preferences, you still want the best games to make money.  With that in mind it’s also essential to consider what makes a casino trustworthy. Our online casino expert, Martim Nabeiro, provides insight into the factors contributing to a casino’s trustworthiness and explains why they’re so important.

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What Makes an Online Casino Trustworthy?

You may choose your online casino based on the site’s look or the range of games it offers. That’s your prerogative, but we recommend you also consider the following aspects.

Valid Licensing

According to the expert Martim Nabeiro (view his profile), a casino legally licensed to operate in Portugal is infinitely better than one without. These licenses indicate that the operator adheres to strict protocols and operates within a regulated framework. The regulatory bodies that issue the licenses audit and monitor the licensed casinos to ensure compliance. 

Available Customer Support

As a player, you’ll want to know that you have access to assistance should you need it. Among other options, many online casinos and sportsbooks have a 24/7 live chat option, enabling you to get a quick response to your query. For instance, pay per head software, used by many online sportsbooks, offers 24-hour customer service which helps to put the customer’s minds at ease. Online casinos with limited customer support options instill little confidence.

Reliable Payment Methods

The more banking information available to players, the more confident you can be in the casino’s integrity. Fast and reliable banking methods are vital for enhancing the relationship between the casino and its players. Encountering problems when depositing money, or experiencing long delays in withdrawals, will cast doubt on the casino’s reliability.

The range of payment options is important for bettors. Credit or debit cards remain the most popular choice for Portuguese bettors, but some prefer e-wallets or pre-paid cards. 

The use of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin is also increasing in the online gambling world. Cryptocurrencies are a popular choice due to the high levels of security around transactions. The point is, you’re more likely to trust a casino offering a decent range of options than one with just two or three.

Bonuses and Promotions

Casinos clamor for new business by offering lucrative incentives to potential customers. These are usually in the form of welcome packages and other new user bonuses and promotions. 

While these offers are appealing, make sure that you check the terms and conditions attached. Some casinos may limit the games that you can wager bonus funds on, or the playthrough requirements may be too high for the amount of wagering that you plan to do. Getting a bonus is only worthwhile if you can use it. 

Ongoing loyalty programs are another indication that operators are invested in their client-base. They would prefer regular, loyal players than customers joining solely for the welcome offers and not continuing beyond that.

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Customer Reviews

A useful way of establishing whether or not an online casino is trustworthy is to find out what other users think. A quick internet search for reviews on the website should yield sufficient results to assist you in your decision-making. Learning from other players’ experiences is often the best way to get honest feedback.

Please pay particular attention to factors like the payment methods, the time it takes to finalize withdrawals, and any customer service lapses. Complaints about the range of games or connectivity issues aren’t generic and shouldn’t affect the casino’s trustworthiness.  


Choosing an online casino is a personal decision. It’s also not one that you should make without first doing some research. Although losing money here and there is part of the gambling experience, you don’t want to lose it because of a dodgy site. Winning is always the goal, and with a trustworthy and reliable online casino, you’re on the right path. 


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