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Not even 2 minutes in to the movie Church People and I was already laughing.

The Husband and I laughed through the entire movie. I laughed so hard I’m going to sit down and watch it again after I get this post done.

Here are a few takeaways for you.

First, YOU will enjoy this movie practicing Christian or not. I really believe that. If you have children THEY will enjoy this movie. Teens? I believe…….. okay, you get the picture. It’s a FUNNY MOVIE!!

Church PeopleYouth minister Pastor Steve (Played by actor/writer Thor Ramsey in Fool Me Once, The Nose Job, Skip Listening.) just wants to teach the Gospel with no gimmicks. No stunts.
Thor RamseyWhere Pastor Steve wants to connect with people and the old fashioned way; Pastor Skip (Michael Monks actor/director, known for End of Watch, Street Kings and Garfield) is 100% a showman. He wants pizzazz, he wants WOW! He gets a little caught up in the ‘SHOW’ instead of the word. Michael Monks

Then we have to add in Tino (Joey Fatone is singer, dancer, actor, and television personality. Best known as a member of the boyband NSYNC) Tino. OH MY GOODNESS!! I really think everyone has a Tino in there life. He is hysterical in this movie.

Joey Fatone

Now, we have two characters that are very subtly Good vs Evil. (That’s my take-a-way!)

stephen Baldwin

Chad (played by Stephan Baldwin, actor and producer, known for The Usual Suspects, Bio-Dome and The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas) My personal thoughts are Chad is an angel.  Dead pan serious and just KNOWS stuff. (Gonna show my age here…. but) think ‘Radar’ on the tv MASH he KNOWS everything. Like Clarence, George Bailey’s angel in It’s a Wonderful Life he just KNOWS things!!  Whichever movie you prefer I feel like he is the Angel of Sand Hills Neighborhood Church.

Now I don’t want to say devil…… but maybe a little on the evil side. At least in the greed side.
Donald FaisonJohnathon (Donald Faison actor know for MY ALL time FAVORITE sitcom Scrubs, Skyline, Clueless and more) Clancy McCartney

Blaise (Clancy McCartney, actor Jessica, Chicago Fire) He is so excited about the Gospel. He has excitement that is contagious. I loved watching his character throughout this movie.

The actors mesh together so well! I NEED a sequel with these same characters in the movie. Please!! This movie just made me happy. I’m still smiling.

This movie is funny. GOOD clean fun.  I think it will make you happy too!)  Check out this trailer:

One lucky Peanut will get to see this movie for themselves. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

Win one digital copy of Church People. Open in the USA only. (The sponsor isn’t positive the code will work in other countries)

Church People Giveaway

Good Luck Little Peanuts!!


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