• Ari T

    Alice may be a genius baby! Maybe, but these programs are wonderful to teach. I loved hearing her say trapezoid! LOL! How incredible is that! It’s almost unbelievable how smart little ones are these days with all this technology around them. They just learn to adapt and some how it makes them that much better at problem solving it seems. I hope Alice continues to progress leaps and bounds!

  • Robin Quick

    This is awesome! I started my now 15 yr old son using the Reader Rabbit pc games when he was 2 & people were amazed at how smart he was by the time he was 3!. He was ahead of his peers when he started school & it has always been very easy for him to learn. Sight words & spelling words came very easy for him. I think the educational pc games he played at such an early age is part of the reason he does so well in school.

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