What’s In My Beach Bag?

I’ve got a couple of new goodies for my beach bag.  Starting with the Parasheet Beach Blanket from Gecko. This is an awesome beach blanket for several reasons. First the bright vibrant blue makes your spot on the beach easy to find. I LOVE THAT!! Second is the fact that each corner has a sand pocket to weigh down your blanket so you’re not chasing it down the beach!  If you are somewhere that doesn’t have sand, there are strong elastic bands on each corner so you can stake the blanket down. These guys thought of everything!!

Another great perk is being able to snap them together if you have more than one Parasheet Beach Blanket. The border of the blanket has these snap clasp buttons so you can connect the other blankets how brilliant is that?!?!

Another really brilliant part of the Gecko Active Beach Blanket is the fact that this blanket comes with a carrying bag attached at one edge. This blanket isn’t just a blanket! Use it as a table-cloth or a sun shade if you want. For a sun shade simply string up the Parasheet, the nylon material does allow some light to pass through and yet protect you from the sun.

The Parasheet is made of a super thin material which isn’t meant to be any real padding but it does provide an excellent barrier between you and the sand! (okay or dirt, or picnic table!)

The Parasheet is machine washable I don’t put mine in the dryer I just let it air dry.

I also love that the Parasheet comes in a small drawstring pouch that fits easily in my beach bag. I am amazed at how small I can fold this 6′ by 7′ blanket. I keep my Parasheet in the car door so we are always ready for a trip to the beach.

The second thing I’ve recently added to my beach bag is HEADPHONES!  I have a LOT of headphones; it seems that a day doesn’t go by without a new pair being offered to me for a review. I’ve actually stopped accepting those types of reviews because I have so many. HOWEVER! When I saw these Neckband Wireless Ear Phones I was very intrigued. I am SO thrilled that I accepted this offer. First and foremost the sound. I am thrilled. Now, I’m not a big stereo aficionado, I don’t have a fine tuned ear, I only know that I personally enjoy the sounds these headphones produce. I am personally thrilled with the sound quality.  The fit really makes these headphones my absolute favorite. These are designed for people that run, walk or workout. I personally wear them all the time. From writing my blog to soaking in the bathtub. These work great all the time!!

The ear pieces are connected by a short cable so there is absolutely no wires to get hung up on anything. These basically hug your head very comfortably. Another feature that I truly love is the fact that these STAY in my ears. I have not had them slip out of my ears EVER!!

The Neckband Wireless Ear Phones set comes with two extra pairs of ear pieces, so that you have a small pair, a medium pair and a large pair so it’s easy to customize this headset for your ears! Mengo also includes a storage bag to keep everything together; the USB charging cord, headset and even the extra earpieces if you want.

This Mengo Neckband Wireless Ear Phones set is not waterproof, but they are water-resistant, which means that they will still work perfectly if you sweat a lot when you work out.

Another great perk is the strong bluetooth signal. I can even leave the room without my music fading out. Pairing couldn’t have been easier OR quicker. This headset works great with my iPad and my Samsung Galaxy S4.

The design itself is beautiful, the white ear bud looks awesome! Charging port, on-off button which you can click to pause your music. On the other ear is the volume button, but hold the volume button down longer to play the previous song or skip the next.

The battery, WOW!! The internal rechargeable battery has excellent capacity. I use my headset for hours at a time and each charge is good for over 10 hours of listening pleasure For my head this semi-rigid neckband is the perfect size. Both ear buds rest comfortably in my ears.


These are an excellent set of headphones and I am thoroughly pleased from the earbuds, to the little carrying pouch. This is a GREAT set of earphones! The Parasheet Beach Blanket is compact when not in use, and the perfect beach blanket that doesn’t get hot, when I’m on the beach. What more could I ask for?


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