Okay, I’ve already admitted I ate wayyyyy too much during the holidays. But now I need to know ‘when will my stomach shrink back down so I’m not RAVENOUS all the TIME?!?!?!‘ I’m soooooooooooooooo hungry!! It’s all I can do not to beg for food… like FUDGE and fruit cake (I still have Brandy Sauce left only we ate all the fruit cake… ) Noooo I do NOT want carrots! (unless of course it’s in carrot cake… you know… with the really good cream cheese frosting?!?) WOW if you weren’t hungry for junk food before you read this I’ll bet you are now cause I’m starving!! So I think I will go drink a really big bottle of water and go to bed. Otherwise I am going to go thru the cupboards!! See ya tomorrow.

I’m kinda a pain in the tush with this vote for me… vote for me… aren’t I?? But only for a couple more days. BTW you have voted right? More importantly… you did vote for me!? Right??

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  • Shannon

    OMG I hate hunger when I am dieting! What I would do is eat a small item like yogurt or an apple to tide me over. No carrot cake but still yummy!

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