Which Is Better? Condo or House?

What are you plans for today?  My plans are the dreaded YARD WORK!!  We bought this house back in 1985. I was so excited! My very first house. Not my parents house, not a rental. MINE!! Well, mine and the bank (okay, fine… and DH’s too. Gesh!! Everyone wants a part of MY HOUSE!! Anyway, I finally had a house that I could paint the walls any color I wanted! A yard I could grow flowers in! I could have a veggie garden! Yard work was a cinch with the five us pitching in and getting it done. Then the kids grew up and moved out. Hummm, now DH and I have to do yard work alone?! Wait…what?? WHY?? Top it off, the kids refuse to come home on yard maintenance day!! I’m certain that I should be allowed to evoke the “you owe me” Mom clause! I don’t care that they have jobs! I HAVE A HUGE YARD!! And in 29 years I’ve come to learn I HATE YARD WORK!!

Now having a big ‘ole house isn’t as much fun as it use to be. I like the walls the color they are. Which is good because there are A LOT of pictures on the walls. It would take so much WORK to paint. I believe we have established that I HATE yard work.  Since it’s just DH and myself, do we really want a house anymore?? Personally, I’m thinking there’s nothing better than a waterfront condo with a view.  Seriously! NO more yard work. That right there should have me packing boxes and calling moving companies. Next, waterfront view? HELLO!? That’s a no brain-er! Can’t you just picture me writing blog posts on a deck, sun setting over the water, glass of wine close at hand??  I can see it! I’m relaxed just thinking about it!!

What about you? Which do you prefer? A condo? A house? An apartment? How about we discuss it on the deck, over looking the water…. you bring wine. I’ll make a cheese plate!!

Can you tell I really don’t want to go yard work??


  • Diane K. Brimmer

    I completely understand where you are coming from. Too much house, too much yard and too many chores. My parents moved form their large house into an apartment and it was great for the first month or so. Soon they realized the kids and grandkids were not there all the time and dad missed the yard. He would come out to our place and do a lot of yard work. They soon moved back out here in a small place and he was happy again and so was mom to be with the grandchildren. How much would it cost to have a yard work company come in once in a while?

  • Rosie

    I miss having a house. There are watch outs about condos, they need to have a large sum in their reserves, plus you only have one vote, and there can be very many issues that you have little control unless you want to form a group to fight. You want to make sure the association doesn’t have a lot of unaddressed issues – roof, furnaces, electrical & plumbing probs, that you will have to pay one way or another. Also, you can end up having ppl under, over, sides of you who make enough noise to make your life unpleasant, esp as you get older. A condo can be good, many ppl think it is great when they first move in. But many condos need qualified ppl to serve on the board, and that can be hard, too, if you were looking to get away from hassles. As if you don’t serve on the board, some boards get their associations into lawsuits, legal hassles, use up the reserves foolishly etc.

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