White Austrian Crystal Charm Review #charm

A while back I was given a beautiful bracelet to review; similar to a Pandora bracelet and I just added one more. A stunning White Austrian Crystal Charm. This charm has a 3mm opening so it will fit all Pandora or Pandora like bracelets.

The charm itself is so full of shine and sparkle. Probably the biggest bonus is the price. This charm is under $9! If you have a Pandora bracelet you know just how expensive these charms can get!! Holy Moly expensive. Oh sure there are a few around the $30 mark (yes, per charm!) but for the most part; okay I take that back; the ones I WANT are more in the $60 price range. That’s just not do-able for me.

This charm is very well made. The White Austrian Crystals sparkle and shine! In the sunlight they sparkle so much and are so eye-catching that you would swear the stones were real diamonds.

The charm slides on the bracelet easily. The stones are very securely on the charm. I’ve worn mine daily for the last two weeks and my charm still looks amazing.

I promise you the White Austrian Crystal Charm is much prettier in person!


Nope! Not a single one! The charm is well under $10; which is a great buy for a crystal charm that is full of sparkle and shine. What could I possibly find to whine about??

Of course, I already have my eye on several other charms from Graceful Goods. These are a couple of my favorites. Starting with the silver ‘Pinot Grigio’ wine glasses charm, or Mother and Child (Isn’t that the sweetest?) Yes, of course I want the other charm that is full of crystals in all different colors! Then of course there’s the Heart Amour Charm. I could get all of these charms for what it would cost me to get ONE Pandora Charm. How sweet is that!?!


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