White Pool Decks Are in Style Right Now

They say concrete is great, but it looks even better when painted. Colored concrete remains a popular option for enhancing the outside space, and it’s all for a good reason. For driveway installation, patios, and pool decks, colored concrete gives a customizable surface that will improve the property value a great deal.  The pool builder in Minnesota has some beautiful ideas. 

For modern concrete pool deck designs, the durability of concrete is unmatched, but they are even more gorgeous when decorated. This guide covers what you might have wanted to know about the colored concrete pool decks and why the white-colored variants are fast becoming everybody’s choice. Are they worth it, in the first place? Let’s find out. 

Coloring the Concrete Pool Decks 

Concrete coloring gives one of the easiest ways to beautify your pool deck no matter the design pattern. Coloring gives your pool deck a distinctive appearance that blends well with the existing space. Normally, concrete coloring goes together with popular decorative treatments like stenciling and stamping that replicate the authenticity of natural stone and other high-end construction materials. The availability of myriad coloring methods allows homeowners to pick an option that guarantees aesthetic appeal and value for money. 

Sandy White Pool Deck Coloring Gaining Popularity?

Yes! White concrete coloring and light brown tones are fast becoming everybody’s choice for pool deck decoration and its all for a good reason. White pool decks are loved because they evoke the authenticity of sandy beaches. Also, they are perfect for sunlight reflection which gives cool pool decks even in sunny conditions. When you want a picture-perfect pool deck with the right mix of exquisiteness and artistry, sandy white coloring perfectly fits the bill. Often, the process begins with the addition of white concrete mixture to give superior quality and ensure your property achieves the spotlessness of color.  

Other Pool Deck Coloring Options

White pool decks are clearly in style at the moment, but for some reason, you may want to explore other coloring options. And certainly, you won’t be short of them either. Here are more selections you can adopt to brighten your pool deck anytime. 

  • Multicolored Pool Decks

Homeowners have opted for a broad range of coloring methods to give their pool decks a unique appearance with an artistic touch. Whether you want to improve property value or enhance the outside space, multicolored pool decks are just as authentic as they can be. 

From graphic enhancements to amazing tile finishes, you will get a wide range of coloring options to help you make a statement. Usually, these coloring options require excellent expertise, time, and dedication, which you can get from reliable contractors in your region. 

  • Blue and Gray Pool Decks

With the huge variety of coloring options currently on offer, pool decks don’t have to appear boring anymore. With the inclusion of gray or blue accents, you can give your pool deck a rich look that’s only comparable to flagstone and other premium materials. By introducing a uniquely crafted blue touch, your pool deck will be a reflection of the actual swimming pool and the blue-gray environment. 

  • Earth-Toned Coloring Options

Shades of tan, brown, and terra cotta colors give stunning pool decks that mirror the beauty of modern structures. Earth-toned coloring options always blend well with many backyards and have a strong sense of visual appeal. In other words, the rustic color scheme of such designs gives your pool deck a more natural look that’s only matched by quality man-made structures. 

Colored Concrete Benefits

Using colored concrete is one of the simplest ways to brighten your outdoor space using a material that’s well known for its durability, strength, and ease of use. Here are more reasons you should get your concrete structure colored asap!

  • Colored concrete hides stains and patches pretty well
  • It improves the curb appeal at a fraction of the price of high-end construction materials
  • Colored concrete makes pool decks more durable and stain resistant

Concrete Pool Deck Coloring Techniques

Decorative concrete allows for numerous coloring techniques that you can use depending on your style and budget. Listed below are some of the most popular options today: 

  • Acid and chemical-based concrete stains
  • Water-based concrete stains
  • Dry shake color hardeners 
  • Integral color mixing
  • Concrete dyes
  • Deck Staining

The Bottom Line

Colored concrete is created using a natural variation in color, chemical content, and density. By incorporating excellent decorative options, be sure to get a pattern that enhances your property value and matches your surroundings. The number of design patterns for colored concrete has never been so diverse. So, choose an option that will give you a sparkling surface for the right price. 


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