I’m exhausted! Still cleaning out my Mom’s mobile. Today I tackled the shed. Ummmmmm for someone who needed a lot of boxes for the move WHY WAS the SHED 75% empty BOXES?!?! WHY!?!? WHY didn’t we use those boxes?!?! UGH!!! I’ll bet you could hear me talking to THOSE boxes today didn’tcha?!? I’m sure that most of the Mobile Home Park could hear me (Yes! I did get a couple of looks that said ”WHO is SHE talking too?!?!!?) I really need someone to buy that Mobile! It’s making me nuts! Don’t you want to live by the ocean?! In a nice little retirement community? Across from the club house?! The pool?! I’ll buy you a welcome HOME bottle of wine?! I’ll make you homemade biscotti? I’ll even go back quietly and finish clearing out the shed! But for now I’m counting today’s shed cleaning as a double workout!! I’m exhausted!

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