Why Apps for Kids Aren’t All Bad, and How to Make Sure It Stays That Way

There’s no denying that using apps can be bad for kids. You can say the same thing about watching TV or playing video games, but just like television and video games, apps don’t have to be bad for kids. Especially since there are many innovative ways apps are changing and will continue to evolve over the upcoming years.

It turns out that apps for kids aren’t as bad as we thought, as long as we’re careful about how they’re used.

Less Stress for Mom and Dad

One of the big reasons why apps don’t have to be all bad is the fact that they can allow mom and dad to be better parents. By allowing their children to play on an app for a little bit, they have a chance to relax.

Many parents make phone calls, catch up on a little work, or jump in the shower while the kids are on an app. Mom and dad need time too, and allowing the children to play apps for a bit while they get some stuff done makes for a less stressed, happier home, which is definitely good for kids.

Apps Can Be Better Than Watching Television

Some types of screen time are better than others. It’s true that an educational television show is better than a mindless gaming app, but the opposite can also be true. An educational app is better than a mindless cartoon any day.

One great thing about apps as opposed to TV is the fact that an app can provide a child with feedback. It allows them to interact with what’s happening on the app, which is better for brain development than just sitting there and mindlessly watching TV.

Choosing the Right Apps

To ensure app usage for your children is beneficial and not harmful, you have to make sure you’re choosing the right apps.

When looking for a new app for your child, look for an app that:

  • Is educational in nature
  • Has positive reviews from parents
  • Doesn’t contain ads or in-app purchases
  • Protects your child’s privacy

Structured Use

No matter how great the app is, your child shouldn’t be able to play it all the time. It is important to create and enforce screen time guidelines in your house.

That might mean limiting the time your children spend playing apps on mobile devices, but it is more important to set guidelines for how the device is used. For example, a child should be allowed to use apps that are educational more frequently and for longer stretches of time than apps that are uneducational.

If you have younger kids, you can also make screen time something you do together. That way your kid has fun and you make memories together.

You shouldn’t feel bad if your kid plays a few apps now and again. Choose which apps they play and how they play them wisely and they can actually be a good thing for your child and your family.

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