Cricut Accessories ROCK!!

If you have spent anytime at all here on Peanut Butter and Whine you know I have a love affair going with my Cricut Machine. I buy vinyl every chance I get! I want every new color that comes out. I want sparkle, glitter to matte vinyl sheets. I want them ALL!!  If I’m not writing blog posts I’m scouring Pinterest for t-shirt, muCricut designgs and hat ideas. Seriously! My Circuit Pinterest board goes on and on!! Alice is forever asking for a certain t-shirt. From last day of Kindergarten to Birthday Girl. Even Disneyland T-shirts! Sometimes she just wants a design. For no reason.

I love my machine so much that traveling with my Cricut makes me nervous!! What if it got dinged? Bumped? Dropped? Gives me shudders!

Cricut knows that we crafters worry about our babies. They designed a storage bag that looks more like high priced luggage than a Cricut tote! Check out the New bags and totes at Cricut

Check out the padding in the case! There is a hollowed out area under the machine that holds the cords. BRILLIANT design!! The side pockets hold my essentials like tweezers, scissors and scraper.

The top is magnetic so when you bring the top down it automatically clicks shut and STAYS shut. Brilliant design. The handles are sturdy and comfortable to hold.
Cricut Tote

I also picked up the computer bag. Ohhhhh but it’s really so much more than a computer bag! It holds my vinyl sheets, my mats, my laptop and so much MORE!!!!








Look at how amazing the bag looks up close! Beautiful classic tweed. Leather accent piping. Sturdy bronze looking double zipper.

Taking my Cricut to my daughters house for craft day or to our Craft, Whine & Wine Night with the girls has never been so organized or stylish.

My next purchase will be the Rolling Craft Tote!! Check out  the perks in this bag!

• Easy rolling premium craft bag
• Multiple compartments, pockets and detachable storage
• Specially designed to hold rolls of vinyl, iron-on and more
• Multi-directional wheels roll in any direction
• Machine and supplies sold separately

Cricut Tshirt
The back of the shirt reads Good Bye Kindergarten!! Of course in SPARKLE pink glitter vinyl.
Good Bye Kindergarten
It’s really hard to catch a moving target!


Paaaaaaaleease!! These cases are amazing. Well constructed. Elegant to look at and room for everything you need for true creative convenience.
These would be an amazing gift for any Cricut owner. Trust me!!



  • Tamra Phelps

    I hear people with these Cricut machines rave about them. I had no idea they made special totes for them! Pretty neat.

  • Rosie

    I’ve been doing crafts for ages, but never got into Cricut. It isn’t that I don’t want to, I just don’t have the room for more things. I would definitely want a nice carrying case – I know people who have Cricut parties!

  • michele

    now I want to buy a cricut just so that I can buy that gorgeous bag…too bad I am not crafty at all… I sew pant legs together..

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