Why glasses are awesome!!

Why glasses are awesome
The first time your optometrist lets you know that you have to wear glasses, hardly anyone gets excited. Parents can be afraid that their kids may get teased, and kids may be afraid that they can no longer partake in specific activates. Well, lay your worries to rest. These days wearing glasses is very popular among the masses, and needing them in no way hinders your activities. Here is why wearing glasses is popular again.
Glasses make you look smart: In these days of global recession, potential job applicants have to do what they can to compete. Some of them even revert to wearing glasses with no prescription lenses. People in glasses appear to others as smart and trustworthy and who would not like to portray that image in school or the workplace?
There are always contacts: Many people who need glasses choose not to wear them and opt for contacts instead. Contacts make you look like you do not need glasses at all. They are comfortable and fit the needs of virtually any type of vision impairment and lifestyle. Do not be deterred by the potential cost. You can order contacts online for a fraction of the price that you would pay at the optometrist. When wearing glasses you can partake in all kinds of sports and water activities, without fear. They are also a great alternative for those who like wearing sunglasses or are having photos taken in which they do not want their glasses to be the focus.
You can change your look with glasses: These days glasses are the ultimate accessory, you can wear a different pair to spice up any outfit. A new pair of glasses (or contacts) can change the look of your entire face. After all Clark Kent became Superman simply by taking off his glasses (and wearing a cape, but that’s another story) and he became unrecognizable to his friends and co-workers. Many people have different glasses for different occasions. Such as the profession looking pair of glasses for the office environment, a funky and unusual pair of glasses for a night out on the town, and a sporty pair of glasses as need calls. They options are endless.
They offer you protection: This may be something you do not always hear about. But you only have one pair of eyes, and wearing glasses offers them that little bit of added protection. In the rain they prevent water from streaming into your eyes. They provide that much needed barrier for doggie licks and baby spit. Wearing glasses is like wearing a much needed shield when you need them
They help you see: This is an obvious point. You need glasses to see well. There is no better feeling then putting on your new prescription and realizing that the world isn’t meant to be as blurry as you see it. With the proper pair of glasses you can tackle any challenge on the horizon and even some you cannot see yet-but will soon.


  • Anne Mackle

    I loved it when I first wore glasses but it’s getting a bit boring and expensive now . I would love to wear contacts but I have tried and failed to put them in my eyes, I ‘m a wimp I think. I just wish glasses were cheaper as I get bored wearing the same ones.

  • Ari T

    ^ Oh anonymous, why so witty?

    I think this article demonstrates exactly why I refuse to give up wearing my spectacles. I wore contacts for some time, but due to circumstances (partaking in activities), I had to switch. The habit stuck and now I’m continually wearing my specs. I could wear my contacts, but the advantages listed above are probably the reasons why I’m driven not to anything but my glasses.

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