Why why why?!?!

I know that Wednesdays are my blah blah blah weekly update day but Kaki has been on vacation all week….. so I slept in….. today I actually over slept and didn’t have time to weigh this morning. (It’s ALL Kaki’s fault! No walks….. sleeping in…….over sleeping…. Kaki is in SO MUCH trouble tomorrow morning!!) But, I will do my update tomorrow.

For now, I’m wondering why, when I KNOW I have an important event coming up (known for a year!) WHY WHY WHY do I wait till the last month before I decide “Okay seriously let’s POWER DIET now! Cause I can loose 20 pounds this month…. rrrrighhhtt…. me that’s taken 8 weeks to loose 11 pounds! Sure!! Another 20 in half the time is SO DO-ABLE!!! Heck! I’ll probably wake up skinny tomorrow!! I’m really optimistic about the power of this 8 hour sleeping cycle that I feel skinnier already. Yup yup….I feel pounds just snoring away…… by the way… I’ll be putting the Coronado Bridge on eBay tomorrow be sure and get your bids in early.

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  • Kate Sarsfield

    A psychologist would say that’s because deep down you’re quite content as you are or are afraid of failing – take your pick!

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