Why ya suppose??

Apparently back in FEBRUARY! I text messaged my son Zachary and asked for a piece of charcoal?  Sooooooo what do you suppose I wanted that piece of charcoal for?  Just one PIECE…. not a bag… not a bucket……….. just one little briquette, one, ONE piece. Any idea’s what I want that for??  Hummm time to search the Internet for uses of charcoal……. pieces. 

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  • Barbara

    Hey I remember this one! It was for a part of a housewarming gift for my son Kenny! Each item in the gift represented something special, I believe the charcoal was so your house would always have warmth. Though I would prefer to think it was a belated stocking stuffer for the naughty in ??? each of us!! Ha ha Anyway hope this helps, Barbara

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