Wireless V4.1 Dual Mini Bluetooth Headphones. Totally Wireless! Review!

Christmas BannerI have a great gift idea for anyone that listens to music or books on their iPads or Smart Phones. Seriously, amazing set of Bluetooth Wireless Headset. Not just any ole wireless headset either. This headset is totally and completely wireless ear buds. 2 ear buds that fit inside your ears with no wires. I love these! Added bonus, there are 2 additional pair of ear-caps included with the FKANT Earbuds so I am pretty sure that you’ll find a pair to fit your ear comfortably and securely.

I fully charged my little earbuds before I did anything else. It only took 1 hour to fully charge. Added bonus is the USB cord splits off to two charging cords. All in one piece. That is a GREAT cord!!


To pair the ear buds is super easy, but there are a series of steps that you have to follow.

  1. Starting with distinguishing the left and right. This can be done easily, check under rubber the ear piece that reminds me of a backwards number 7. There you will find L or R.
  2. On the Right earbud, long press the silver on button located on the front. This takes 5 to 7 seconds. The small indicator flashes red/blue.
  3. On the Left earbud, same thing, long press until the red/blue lights flash. Then there will be a voice prompt that will say connected, left channel, right channel, connected. Now the earbuds are paired to each other.
  4. Turn your device, phone, tablet, iPad Bluetooth to search. SE6 will pop up super quick.
  5. You’re done! Device is paired.

img_3252These earbuds stay in my ears while I clean house, go on a walk, chase after a 5-year-old. Doesn’t matter what I do they stay put.  The earbuds have an ergonomic design with soft earbuds. These FKANT wireless earpieces stay secure and comfortable.

Another great perk is these wireless earbuds have noise canceling technology. The noise canceling isn’t as strong as my larger full ear headset but, for the size, convenience and portability I am thoroughly pleased with these FKANT Earbuds.

imageThese will also work perfectly on my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. Only one earbud works for your phone calls. I can answer or reject phone calls.  When my music is playing the only options you have are play and pause. Not a big deal, that’s really all I need since audio books are my favorite.

Now, comfort and easy pairing doesn’t mean anything if the sound quality is bad. For me these let me hear the high notes and the low tones. I’m not a sound expert. I just know that my music, audiobooks and phone calls sound crisp and clean. That’s probably because of the dual 8mm drive units, crystal clear stereo sound & solid bass. Man, I love these earbuds.

Added Bonus! I can play music or audio books for almost a full 5 hours! That’s perfect!! Standby you get 125 hours!!

More to love is the great zippered case that holds everything! Earbuds, extra ear caps, charging cord all in one place. SWEET!!


Not a single whine here. I am thoroughly pleased with my FKANT Earbuds. These would make an amazing Christmas gift for anyone on your gift list. Or for yourself!



  • Melissa Jones

    I have been looking for something exactly like this for awhile now. I have got to check them out. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • clojo9372

    I’m kind of old school and like regular old earbuds, but they’re eventually gonna be phased out. I know the iPhone 7 has gotten rid of the headphone jack, so I guess one day other phones will too. Always need to know what’s out there and works well! 🙂

  • Irma Jurejevčič

    I always have problems with these!! Really, you are thoroughly pleased with FKANT Earbuds? I have to look at those, thanks.


    I still don’t understand bluetooth (doh!) & don’t feel the need for techie gadgets but my niece would love these. She’s always complaining her corded ear buds get tangled in her hair and of course the cats play with and occasionally eat them!

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