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Okay my NaNa hat is on once again! Speaking as a G’ma my favorite gifts are truly handmade from my munchkins and photos!! I absolutely can never have enough photographs of my 3 sweet Grandkids. I love those faces! Yes, THESE faces:
Grandkids 2016This picture, taken by my daughter Selena truly sums up how much personality these guys have. They are funny, funny little humans. THIS picture had to be printed somewhere!

So, you know I was giddy when Diamonds In Ice reached out to me about having one of my own photographs added to glass. No frame needed.

This is an amazing gift idea!! A gift that will truly stand out!!  Do you want beveled glass? Curved glass? Flat glass? Ornament or coaster? Ahhhh so many options!!

The Diamonds In Ice website was a little confusing for me at first. I knew exactly which photograph to use (Seriously? How could I not use the photo above?) I opted for the curved, beveled and horizontal glass. I was so thankful for the curved glass option because I knew that between our 100 pound Golden Lab, Gracie and 3 Grandkids; curved glass  was a must because wouldn’t easily topple over. I was right! Curved glass is the way to go for me! Not to mention the photograph looks even better curved.

I ordered the 7″ by 10″ size. As long as you pay attention to the hints from Diamonds In Ice your photograph will be perfect! For the 7″ by 10″ size you need your image to be at least 2240 x 1680px. Click customize and then the real fun begins. The following screen pops up:


First, add your photograph, you can zoom in, move one way or the other, center the photograph. Once you are satisfied with the placement of you photo you can add text. There are several fonts available and you can make the font as large or small as you want. You even have the freedom to move the text around on the photo. This is where my confusion came in. I couldn’t get the text that I wanted on the photograph to size correctly. The font came out so big that only 1 or 2 letters would have printed on the picture. When you look in your shopping basket there is the option to re-edit so I made the font smaller. But there is nowhere (that I could locate) to be able to see the finished products except a very small snapshot in the corner. So when I thought I had the text off to the side and the correct font size I hit order. THANKFULLY the folks at Diamonds In Ice left off the text rather than have it looking like this:diamonds

My Diamonds In Ice order arrived quickly after I ordered it. Extremely well packaged and protected for shipping. Now mind you it’s really hard to photograph glass!! But the final product is eye-catching and truly shows my 3 precious Grandbabies unique and fun personalities.


I wish there was a full size view of the final product so that I could have a final approval. I also wish that rather than removing the text all together; I wish the folks at Diamonds In Ice would have sent me an email asking if I wanted them to fix or edit my text. HOWEVER!! This is a stunning photograph on glass and I am thoroughly pleased with my picture!! It has the look of a sun catcher! I highly recommend Diamonds In Ice for a unique and memorable gift for anyone on your Christmas List!!

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