Yeeee Haw! Time To Head To The Farm!!

This business appears to have closed. BUMMER!!

Okay, just kidding. The Husband has quite convinced me to head to Montana or Idaho to live on a farm. Not yet. Lord knows he does show me some amazing houses every night. But so far my toes are still firmly planted in the sands of Sunny California.

This farm is doll size. From Timy the Wooden Farm House Playset is a Barn Horse Stable WITH accessories!! 


There is a lot that I really like about this farm set. First, it challenged 6-year-old Alice to put it together. Second, it’s sturdy. This set is solid and heavy. It will last through several generations of children.

The bright colors are very inviting to play with. There are gates that open and close. Alice can easily remove the roof in case she wants to play in that particular area.

The entire wooden farm set arrives in one large flat box. The instructions are easy to follow and use. Alice put the farm together with very little help.

Each and every piece was wrapped in foam so that each piece, especially the painted areas are in perfect condition when they arrive.

The farm set arrives with 15 different accessories; 2 dolls, farmer and his wife. Or as Alice calls them NaNa and Pop Pop.  6 farm animals, rooster, cow, horse, sheep, duck and a pig. Each one is painted with a cute face.

There are also fences that move. 1 tractor, 1 ladder, 2 hay-bales and 2 water troughs.

The farmers can ride on the tractor and the horse.

This set is well made. The pieces are chunky and easily held by little hands.

This set really promotes imaginative play! Which is really important with 63 days of Summer Vacation left!! Whaaaaaa??? Sixty-three days!? What am I supposed to do with this kid with soooooo many more days?!!?  YIKES!!!

This farm set is suitable for Ages 3 and up.


None, the set was fun to put together. Alice loves playing with the set using both the enclosed wooden dolls and her other little dolls. I’m excited because I get a break while she plays. HOW could I possibly whine about that!?

Well made, sturdy, bright, fun and cute as all get out. No whines here!



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