Surprizeamals Series 4 Now Available! AND A Contest!!!!!

I’m tellin’ yaSuprizamals Alice is one giddy little girl! Her obsession with blind bags is at an all time high! Her Surprizamals collections is growing like crazy. She sees them in the store and goes nuts! (yes, NaNa is a sucker)


Surprizamals are cute, cuddly, palm sized stuffed toys.


Suprizamals wants YOUR help!

You design the next cute and cuddly creature to join our line-up! The Grand Prize Winner will have their design become part of the Suprizamal family and the top 3 submissions will win the entire Series 6 collection!

Simply fill out the form HERE and get going!

Here is 6-year-old Alice’s submission: Rosie Suprizamal

This is Rosie
Favorite color is Maroon
She was born March 28
Rosie loves to play with all of her Surprizamal Friends. She loves snuggles and cuddles and hates milk.

How cute is Rosie!??!  I love that Alice even included her name, favorite color and what she likes and of course doesn’t like. It’s so funny that Alice and Rosie have the same likes and dislikes!

Season 4 Surprizamals are just as soft, snuggly, teeny-tiny, adorable stuffed animals as Season 1, 2 and 3. These cuties are little surprises that fit into a plastic surprizaballs. Which I have to say provides endless entertainment for Alice. She will load up the Surprizamals into the Surprizaballs and do mock videos for all of her ‘fans’ on YouTube. (By fans I mean The MaMa and The NaNa.) The surprizaball clicks tightly closed each time. I believe the colorful surprizaball will last as long as the Surprizamal itself!

Surprizamals are extremely soft. The eyes are strongly attached to each Surprizamal. Once again, I tried to pull off the eyes and Alice freaked out yet again!! But, NaNa has to know if the eyes are securely fastened or not. But, she again screamed at me: “NONNNNNNNN! What are you DOING?!”

I really love the eyes on the Suprizamals, full of beautiful glittery color.

As with Series One, Two, and Three of the Surprizamals the ear tag MUST stay ON according to Alice!! Otherwise we will forget who they are, when they were born and their favorite things. Once again, good point kid!


Alice has a whine for this set of Surprizamals. She not only opened a two of one kind but also three of another. I had to explain that is the point of a blind bag. You just never know what you will get inside, besides, when we play with them can call them TRIPLETS and TWINS!! That seemed perk her right back up.

I don’t have any whines. Alice has fun opening them up, they are cute as all get out. Fun to play with and cuddle with too. They are also super cute sitting on the shelf side by side.



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