Yeeeeee HAAAAA!!!

THREE POUNDS this week!! Woooo hooooo!!! (That’s 3 pounds down!! I should clarify that just in case you think I would be doing the happy dance for a gain…. which ummm well………NO! I wouldn’t) Total loss of 7 pounds. Who knew such small changes would make such a difference. I’ve cut out a large portion of carbs. Added a lot more vegetables (yes that gagging noise WAS from me!) more fruits. I changed to the Hershey’s sugar free dark chocolate bit size pieces (which is REALLY GOOD! Even better if you accidently drop it in the peanut butter jar first. Not that I would know that myself…. I’m just guessing… sorta)

I’m still using my 20 pound weighted vest when I’m on my walk with Kaki and my counter push-ups. Still doing my crunches on the Bean and the exercises that Tyler at WellStrong Fitness emailed for me to do.

Okay that’s my weekly update. Thank you everyone for all the great comments and encouragement!!!

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