Yosemite Souvenir GIVEAWAY Day 2

Just in case this is your first visit here, let me recap………….  OH and WELCOME!!!!

The first of May came around and while I was excited about my upcoming camping trip to Yosemite, I was stressed about my blog. I started wracking my brain on how to keep y’all coming here everyday without me constantly reminding you!  Here is what I came up with………..


Now, it’s not a big giveaway, BUT, everyday while I am camping a new giveaway will start.  These are short giveaways with only 5 entries each.  The prize is a souvenir from Yosemite. Each prize will be under $10.00. Maybe a magnet, key ring or ????  Each one will be different and from Yosemite National Park.

Good Luck!!  And truly, THANK YOU for visiting!!

If you collect souvenir pennies, spoons, patches, pencils or magnets be sure to let me know and I’ll be sure to send you that item if you win.

Thank you again!!  Now, you go enter……… and we are all going to pretend that I’m not going INSANE being unplugged for a week.  A WEEK!!! In Internet days this is like MONTHS!!!

Okay, on to the giveaway!


  • Stephanie Galbraith

    When I smell pine trees I automatically am reminded of Burney Falls, CA, because we went there every year since I was little. We love that place.

  • Laurie Emerson

    When I smell lilacs I am reminded of New Hampshire. I spent a lot of time growing up there and we had the most beautiful purple lilac bushes.

  • polly

    When I smell Chocolate Chip Cookies I am automatically am reminded of my Mom. She loved to bake and always made wonderful desserts!

  • Dana Rodriguez

    When I smell scents from a bakery I am reminded of my mom.I remember as a child how wonderful our house smelled on the weekends and holidays from her baking fresh bread and cookies!

  • tiffany lane

    When I smell suntan lotion I automatically am reminded of the beach. I love the smell of suntan lotion.

  • Jan Lee

    When I smell_lilacs_______ I automatically am reminded of___the lilac bush at my parent’s house growing up :)___________

  • Diane K. Brimmer

    When I smell home cooked food I automatically am reminded of the days back at home with my mother. I am not the cook she was. We had a great system. She would do the cooking and I did the clean up. Worked out great, for me anyway. LOL

  • jen

    When I smell popcorn I am automatically reminded of my kids when they were little. We used to make it the old fashioned way on the stove. I always put too much popcorn in the pot and they would laugh when the lid kept getting higher and higher.

  • Connie Lee

    When I smell popcorn, I automatically am reminded of a movie theater. Wish I had some right now with lots of butter!

  • alesha ol

    Comment on this blog post using the instructions below:
    Complete this sentence. When I smell______pine__ I automatically am reminded of_________Colorado________because I lived there on and off as a child
    Answer MUST be at least 2 sentences!!

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