Your Hardwood Floors as a Decorative Center Piece

Classic, beautiful, and timeless, hardwood floors are the desire of nearly every homeowner or person seeking to buy a home. Homes with hardwood floors often sell faster and for more money than homes with other types of flooring. Though they are beautiful in their own right, hardwood floors can sometimes overpower a room. Below are 5 tips for decorating with hardwood floors in your home and for styling around them so that their beauty and grandeur shine through while also allowing your home to be a comfy, cozy place to be.

  1. Go for consistency.

If you are considering adding hardwood floors to your home, consider installing them throughout the entire house, except for maybe in places where water damage and humidity are a factor such as the bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen. Choose a type of board, grain, and stain that matches your personal style and use it throughout the entire house. This will add a consistent flow and feel throughout your home and help you tie the elements of your home together in a seamless fashion.

  1. Use rugs.

tigerwoodUsing rugs on hardwood floors is a good idea for several reasons. Rugs can help break up the monotony and define spaces within a room. They add warmth, especially during the winter time when hardwood floors can be especially chilly. They muffle the noise of footsteps throughout the house, so you can have a dance party on the weekend and not disturb everyone. They also add visual interest and give your feet a soft spot to land. And finally, rugs help protect your cherished wood floors in high traffic areas such as hallways and walkways.

  1. Mix it up with accessories and furniture.

While it’s true that you want to keep the flooring consistent throughout your home, when it comes to adding furniture and accessories, feel free to mix it up with different types of woods, grains, and stains. Mixing the elements up with your furniture and accessories can add a lot of visual interest and richness to your space.

  1. Paint cabinets and doors.

When it comes to cabinets and doors, opt for paint instead of wood if you have wood floors because too much wood can be, well, too much wood. Cabinets and doors take up a lot of visual space, and unless you are going for that all wood cabin look or have a really great eye for pairing wood grains and colors together, painting cabinets and doors is your safest bet. Consider painting them a lighter color if you have darker floors to help add light and contrast to a room, or if you’ve got lighter floors and want to add a more moodier feel, go for painting them a darker color.

  1. Add softness and coziness with furniture and textiles.

We already highlighted how you can add contrast by painting your cabinets and doors, but another way you can add contrast and visual interest to your space is through your textiles and furniture. Hardwood floors, are exactly what their name implies, hard. To add softness to a space and make it more inviting choose cushy furniture and add pillows and blankets and maybe a soft ottoman or pouf.

And, there you have it! Five ways you can help make your home its most beautiful, inviting, and comfortable place to be. Have fun decorating around your wood floors and don’t be afraid to experiment with adding all the elements we talked about above!

Bio – This guest post contribution is courtesy of MacDonald Hardwoods, a local Denver flooring merchant that carries many different hardwood floor types, including bamboo, white oak, hickory, maple. Macwoods also carries many types of exotic hardwood flooring for a different style or look.

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  • Rosie

    I have parquet right now, but I would love nice light colored hardwood floors. And these are good suggestions – they are worth a good price, so it is worth it to keep them in good shape!

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