1 more peas

Emma’s bedtime routine includes a bedtime story.   It’s a great routine to get her ready for sleep….. the sound machine on.  Quiet room.  Bottle of ‘muck’.  Tucked in bed. Now add one sucker of a Nonnie and that bedtime routine takes a really really long time.  “Just one mo Nonnie. Peas?”  Then “1 more Nonnie I paamise”  Ummmm hummm I think tonight’s count was 5.  I even tried the  “Nonnie can’t read anymore she’s too sleepy”.  “It’s otay Nonnie just one more. I paamise”  (She’s so darn CUTE!!!)  Just one more then Nonnies going to bed. “Otay, tanks Nonnie”  
Night night all.

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