• Zzzzzzz

    This week was exhausting all the way around. If I sit still too long I start to dose off!! A sure sign I need a break! Luckily, it’s my weekend off and I have NOTHING planned except to sleep IN!!!! How great does that sound!?!?!? I bet ya’all wish you were me!!

  • Pumpkins!

    What a great night!! Spent time with my wonderful daughter Selena and her best friend Heather. We carved pumpkins!! It’s been so long since I’ve done that. I really need more practice because ummmm really? I am not very creative at ALL!! (I would so like to take credit for one of the cooler ones…. but I’ll bet you will be able to tell which one I did without me even telling you)

  • Week 16

    Finally!!! My plateau has been BROKEN!!! And it’s about TIME!!! I am down 2 pounds this week!! WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!! That makes me 18 pounds GONE and ………..12 pounds to go!! I’ve tried a couple of different exercises this last 2 weeks. From the defective hula hoop fiasco. To adding a little extra time walking with Kaki. My weighted vest is now weighing in at 26 pounds. I’ve added ab work (probably can’t count that because I only did 4 days worth…. mostly cause I forget! Which is insane because if I actually do 5 minutes of ab work a day my stomach really does show results!!).

  • Lost my MIND!!

    Ever have a great diet day………….. only to be ruined just before bed?? AHHHHHH!!!! I should have just come home and gone to bed!! Lucky for me I did great with the grocery shopping over the weekend…. so I don’t have any really “BAD for me” foods in the house…. but I still managed to make up for that with the sheer VOLUME of food I’ve stuffed in my mouth!! Grapes, almonds, 100 calorie pudding pack, Weight Watchers chicken enchiladas and because that couldn’t have possibly been a enough food I had string cheese. So now I shall wobble my way to bed too full to sleep before I go…

  • Candy is NOT trash!!!

    It’s pretty bad when a piece of partially wrapped candy gets thrown in the trash can and you actually THINK about going in after it!!! Yup!! Gretchen threw away CANDY!! And I contemplated going in after it. I just couln’t bring myself to be that person! (Had it been a Reese Peanut Butter cup MAYBE!!) Instead I settled for a Jell-O fat free pudding cup. 90 calories and actually really good!! So crisis averted again! (but still….BAD Gretchen!! BAD!!!) For the record…. no…. that is not me in the trash can. Gotta love the internet you really can find a picture of anything you want!!!

  • Fine….. whatEVER!!

    Okay sooooo I have to post that DH now has the high score in Wii bowling…… but he cheated!! He taught the dog to lay in front of ME when it’s my turn to bowl. That’s cheating….. besides…… DH bowls with a PINK bowling ball! SO HA!!! (I am NOT a spoil sport!! I do NOT know where you got THATidea!! Sheeesh!!)

  • A duh moment…..

    You might remember that I’ve been putting clothes away for the garage sale. Anything that doesn’t fit GOES!! I’m NOT going to need them ever again…………. but my flip flops?? REALLY!??! I wanted to run to the grocery store tonight (BTW….. spent more time in the produce section than any other!! Even managed to get out with out visiting the ice cream section!! Wait…. what?? I forgot ICE Cream!??!!?) Anyway, went to slip on my favorite pair of flip flops and they were so big I couldn’t keep them on my feet!?!?!? Ahhhhh MAN!!! They were so CUTE too!!! So into the trash the flip flops went. I just never…